you cannot kill me. you cannot stop me. i cannot even stop myself. i have had a nervous breakdown every morning for the last month and yet my will won't crack. i am pleading for it to crack. you think your puny power can prevent me from surviving at all costs? weakling. throw me into hell and i'll march out with an army and one-thousand regrets. continuance is a curse and i threw up on my fairy godmother at my christening party. you cannot kill me. you cannot stop me. please, someone stop me, just for five seconds. i single-handedly disprove the theory of infinite universes because in every universe i continue, in spite of all the wreckage thrown upon me and all the unstable dimensions i am tossed into. within me there are two instincts, one for scheming and one for fighting like a seductive french villain. i am always in both the best and worst possible place. you cannot kill me, you cannot stop me, you cannot keep me from acting like this. dont think i havent tried already